That's a Bad Sign

Family annihilator Tyler Hadley and Canadian convicted murderer David Russell Williams

March 18, 2021 Emily Winchurch & Liz Mahoney Season 1 Episode 28
That's a Bad Sign
Family annihilator Tyler Hadley and Canadian convicted murderer David Russell Williams
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With 17-year old Tyler Hadley's parents "out of town" he was all too excited to throw a house party in the summer of 2011. But as people drank into the late hours of the night, Tyler's behavior was alarming and his actions even more shocking. Then we go into PART 1 of our two part episode on David Russell Williams. He was a “shining star” in the Canadian Military, a model officer with 23 years of service...unfortunately Williams had a vile secret which would end up ruining the lives of everyone he met.

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Liz: [00:00:00] Hey guys, welcome back. You're listening to, that's a bad sign. I'm Liz 
Emily: [00:00:04] and I'm Emily, and this is a true crime podcast. So to kick this off, we will start with recommendation corner. And my recommendation is I am going to endorse something that you recommended. Cause I watched it tell me your secrets. So amazing.
So Liz recommended this maybe an episode or two ago and I binge watched it. It's on Amazon and it 
Liz: [00:00:27] it's amazing. It's so good. And I'm happy you liked it. I knew you would because it's all crime related. So yeah, 
Emily: [00:00:34] for people who didn't hear that week's episode, it's essentially a woman is in witness protection program.
And I don't want to give anything 
Liz: [00:00:44] away. Just go watch it. It's really good. And it's on Amazon and we both liked it. I double-check that it was on Amazon. Nice. All right. What's yours. Mine is a little bit later this week. I've been watching the Netflix show, marriage or mortgage on Netflix. What it's so cheesy, but it's really good thing to have in the background.
Essentially, they have these couples come on and they have a budget it's normally like $30,000. So either they can pick to put it towards a down payment on a house or they can pick to have their dream wedding. So the two hosts are, one's a real estate agent and one is a wedding planner. And they kind of like take them to, she see houses and venues and stuff like that to convince them to pick either the house or the wedding.
Um, but it's just really entertaining. What would you choose? I don't know. I feel like I always think that a house is a better idea, but weddings are so fun. I would choose wedding anyway. Everyone should go watch it. It's lighthearted and fun. And it's only like 10 episodes. I think. All 
Emily: [00:01:46] right. You said it's Netflix.
Liz: [00:01:48] Amazing.
all right. This week I'm covering the story of Tyler Hadley. My references include rolling and ABC Let's do it. In July, 2011, 17 year old Tyler Hadley of port St. Lucie, Florida was planning to have a huge party at his house. 
Emily: [00:02:19] All right. 
Liz: [00:02:20] How are we held? Was he 17? Okay. He had been telling his friends all week that he was going to have this ranger.
However, people were having trouble believing him because his parents were known to be pretty strict. But Tyler said that they weren't going to be around. They're going out of town. So it's not a big deal. Oh, Tyler. On Saturday, July 11th, Tyler posted on his Facebook wall quote party at my crib tonight.
Maybe now people were still skeptical, but at eight, 15:00 PM, he posted again saying party at my house. H M you hook me up, hit me up. Oh, sorry. Sorry. I'm serious. So one of his friends named Ashley messaged him and said, what if your parents come home? And Tyler responded, they won't trust me by 11:30 PM.
That night the party was getting started. Now Tyler was a quiet kid. He was tall and skinny. His friends were potheads druggies delinquents, but everyone had heard about this party because there was nothing to do that night in port St. Lucy. So kids from all different friend groups showed up like athletes jocked et cetera.
You name it. They were all there. Okay. So soon there were as many as 60 kids in the house, which is a lot. Yeah, it is. Yeah. Most of those 60 people didn't even know who Tyler was. I'm just thinking back. Do you remember ever going to a high school party and not having any idea who, the persons, who it was that was hosting it?
Oh yeah, of course. So people were playing beer pong on the dining room table, scrounging for food in the kitchen cabinets, empty beer cans were littered along the front lawn and cigarettes were being put out on the carpet. Like this was a wild party. Tyler. Tyler himself. Wasn't really concerned with the house getting destroyed, but he was more concerned about the noise because he didn't want his neighbors to call the police.
Understandably. So yeah, Tyler was also rolling. He was on ecstasy and he seemed very anxious. People kept asking him where his parents were and he told them all different things. Like he said to one person that they went to Georgia, he said to another person that they went to Orlando and to another person who said they don't live here.
This is my house. I don't like where this is going. So here's a text exchange from the morning of the party between Tyler and his friend, Matt, Matt says, did you do it? Tyler says, no, but I'm gunna Matt. You really should now do it. Tyler says, don't worry. I am that I'm having a party. And then Matt says, yeah, party time.
Who are these children? Not good. I don't know. By midnight, there were about a hundred people at the Hadley's house, as well as two dogs. I just think that's weird because I can't imagine anyone bringing a dog to a house party in high school, but whatever around 12:30 AM, the party was running out of beer.
So Tyler went with two people to go on a beer run. Tyler's friend. Mark was 21. So he went inside to purchase the alcohol, but his girlfriend waited in the car with Tyler. Tyler told Ashley that his father had died. No. She didn't know Tyler very well. So she assumed that he was saying his father had passed away.
You know, a while back years ago, she doesn't think anything of it, whatever, when they go back to the house, people were playing water pond because they'd run out of beer. So, you know, you got to improvise. One kid was walking around with a bag full of white pills, selling them for a dollar each and another guy was selling weed.
I will repeat myself. 
Emily: [00:05:42] Who are these 
Liz: [00:05:43] children? I know this is like way crazier than anything we ever did. The white 
Emily: [00:05:47] pill bag 
Liz: [00:05:48] jam it. Lots of people were thinking Tyler for throwing the party. One kid texted him that it was quote the biggest thing ever. So he probably feels on top of the world. Now, sometime after 1:00 AM at Tyler, went outside to get people to come back into the house because they were congregating out there and he really didn't want the neighbors to call the cops.
So he starts bugging out a little bit. He says to his friend, Mark, dude, I did some things I might go to prison. I might go away for life. I don't know, dude, I'm freaking out right now. Mark goes, what are you talking about? Tyler said, dude, I know you're not going to believe me. No one will believe me. I freaking killed somebody.
Mark said, dude, you killing somebody as your own business. Don't be telling me that sort of thing. I don't need to know. Oh my God. Oh my God. To what Tyler is saying, but also, Oh my God. To Mark's reaction, go to the cops. 
Emily: [00:06:40] Don't 
Liz: [00:06:40] say keep that inside. Yeah. I don't want to know. Well, you do on your own dime.
Yeah. Bizarre. Maybe they were all wasted. I don't know. Don't kill my vibe right now. Seriously, someone leaving the house said to Tyler. Thanks for having us over and thanks for the beer. And Tyler responded. I just wanted to do something fun before I left. So the kid asks, where are you going? Tyler says that he is going to kill himself because he did something really bad.
Oh my God. Eventually Tyler grabs his friend, Michael Mendell and asks if he can come outside with him so that they can have a private conversation. These two had been best friends since they were eight years old. Sorry. There's a lot of conversations here that I'm having with myself, but it's good context.
No, this is helpful. Tyler says, Michael, I killed my parents. Michael goes yet. Right. Because why would you believe that? Yeah. Tyler says, Michael, I'm being real. I'm not lying to you. If you look closely enough, you can see signs. No. And in that moment, Michael looked at the driveway and saw that both of Tyler's parents, cars were there.
And why would they be there if they had gone away, but still, he didn't really believe it because this is your best friend. You don't think that someone is really capable of that. All right. So then Tyler took Michael up to the master bedroom. And when Tyler opened the door, Michael saw something horrifying.
Emily: [00:08:09] Oh, my mouth is just open. 
Liz: [00:08:11] There were dining room chairs and blood-soaked towels in a pile. But at the bottom of the pile, there was a leg sticking out. He threw a 
Emily: [00:08:19] party wise parents, dead bodies were upstairs. 
Liz: [00:08:23] Yes he did. So then Tyler tells Michael everything that happened. Earlier that day around 5:00 PM.
Tyler hit his parents' cell phones so that they wouldn't be able to call for help. No. Then he took three ecstasy pills and listened to some height music. Then he went to the garage and found a claw hammer and went back inside where his mom was working on the family computer. He approached her from behind and slammed the claw end of the hammer into his mother's head.
She screamed. Why, why. Tyler's dad heard his wife screaming. So then he came to see what was going on when he saw what was happening. He also asked why Tyler responded, why the fuck not? And he repeated that over and over again, as he beat his father to death. 
Emily: [00:09:12] Holy shit. I don't understand what his motive is.
Liz: [00:09:15] Yeah. We'll talk about that. He then dragged their bodies into the master bedroom, cleaned up and through all of the incriminating evidence into the bedroom. Then he took a shower and he says that he stared at his reflection in the mirror and laugh. 
Emily: [00:09:32] This kid is sick 
Liz: [00:09:32] in the head, something so wrong. All right.
So we're back to the party. Michael was understandably in shock, but he didn't actually leave the party at that time. In fact, he stayed for another 45 minutes. 
Emily: [00:09:45] Do you bring what socialized? Oh, what is wrong with these 
Liz: [00:09:49] children? I read an interview with him and he was saying, you know, this person has been my best friend since I was.
Eight years old. I just like, I was in such shock and I just still didn't believe it. But then obviously he saw the body is so he knows it happened, but he was just so many emotions happening. He still didn't believe it. And yeah. Now by the time 2:00 AM rolled around the Hadleys neighbor, Rianne Wallace was fed up with the noise and she called the police.
Two cops came to the house, but at that point there were only like 20 or so people left. So Tyler got them all to be quiet. The cop said, keep it down. And they left by 2:30 AM. The party started to get going again, which this is so late for high school. I would have to be home by then. Right? At this point, people are starting to notice that something was really wrong with Tyler.
He was continuing to tell people that he's going away. And then when they asked where he was going, he was saying he might kill himself. Obviously that's an alarming thing to hear, but very confusing. And like I said, A lot of the people don't even know him very well at 4:40 AM. When everyone had left Tyler posted on his Facebook wall party at my house, again, H M U at 4:40 AM.
Emily: [00:11:04] This kid is having a 
Liz: [00:11:05] breakdown. So at that point, Zack time, the police were actually standing right outside of Tyler's front door because Michael had called the Crimestoppers hotline and told them everything. 
Emily: [00:11:17] Michael, his friend that he confided in. Yes. Sorry, who was the friend that was texting him?
Liz: [00:11:22] Did you do that? Was someone named Matt and I couldn't find any other info on him. 
Emily: [00:11:26] It sounds like Matt was 
Liz: [00:11:27] encouraging him. I know that's what I think too, but I don't know what happened with that. Wow. So two officers arrived at the Hadley house at 4:32 AM. They first sort of peeked inside the house and they saw Tyler pacing back and forth and talking to himself, and then they rang the doorbell and Tyler entered the door, looking frantic.
He was pretty incoherent and he was annoyed. The officers ask, you know, like, are there any adults home? And he said, no. And then they handcuffed him and they sat him on the driveway and went into the house. The house was trashed obviously from the huge Raider who just had, but they went directly up to the master bedroom and tried to enter it and it was locked.
So they forced it open, obviously, you know what they saw. So Tyler was arrested. And a funeral was held a few days later for both of his parents and his older brother, Ryan was in attendance. And I just can't imagine being that guy. That's 
Emily: [00:12:27] horrible. You're a little brother doing that, but then also to be one of those kids at that party, knowing you were there the whole time when there's two dead bodies upstairs, 
Liz: [00:12:37] I know I would.
Oh, I have chills. Just thinking about that on that note. They, there were some quotes from some of the kids that attended the party and they were like, wow, that's so crazy. Um, I can't believe he would do that. That's so wild, but you know, in 20 years, like it's kind of a cool thing to say. I'm like, what's wrong with everyone in this story?
You have to be kidding me. No, I'm yeah. These kids are hot right in the head. No, none 
Emily: [00:13:06] of 
Liz: [00:13:06] them. So let's circle back to motive. Like I told you, I read an interview with Michael, the friend. And he says that right around when Tyler turned 15 friends and family started noticing a change in his behavior quote, he started skipping school, hanging out with the wrong crowd, getting on drugs.
And by the time Tyler turned 17, his parents had tried everything to try to get him back on the right path. They had sent him to psychiatrists. They had him on antidepressants. He was in an outpatient, mental health and substance abuse program, but nothing helped. One night, he came home drunk. So his mom took away his car keys as punishment.
And after that, Tyler told Michael that he wanted to kill her, but Michael was like, you know, I never thought he was serious about that. Yeah. I mean, how many teenagers say that they want to kill their parents? So overall the consensus is it's just like a bad combination of mental health issues and drugs, 
Emily: [00:14:03] but plenty of kids.
Do a ton of drugs and you have to go to rehab and become addicts, but they don't kill their parents. I know. 
Liz: [00:14:12] It's really weird. Oh, also I should mention this. He was sentenced to two life sentences without the possibility of parole. 
Emily: [00:14:20] Wow. So he's going to die in jail? Yes. 
Liz: [00:14:23] Is he still alive? Yes, he's probably not even 30.
Emily: [00:14:27] I bet you, he regrets this. Do you have any quotes from him? 
Liz: [00:14:30] There were a couple, I couldn't pick one because they're kind of all over the players because in some of his quotes, he's saying how sorry he is. And he feels bad for his grandparents and for his brother and he regrets what he did. And then there's other quotes of him basically bragging about it.
Like he says that he was popular in prison because, because of the story and he had people obviously crazy people right. In his fans and he would write back to them and sign it. Um, Like hammer man or something, honey, 
Emily: [00:15:02] don't give yourself 
Liz: [00:15:02] a nickname. So to me it feels like if he's doing that kind of thing, I feel like he's not remorseful.
Emily: [00:15:09] No, I also cannot believe that he tried to give himself a name. I know no, your name is 
Liz: [00:15:14] Tyler. Yeah. Like let's let it cool down for a sec. I wanted to end on a quote from Michael, his friend, because I thought it was dark. Oh yeah. It makes me realize you never really know anyone. 
Emily: [00:15:29] That kid is going to have some serious trust 
Liz: [00:15:32] issues.
Oh yeah. He says that he's like, I can't trust anyone. I have horrible trust issues. Wow. And I also feel bad because he, he was like this, not only ruined his life, it also ruined my life because people just associate me as the friend of the guy who killed his parents. 
Emily: [00:15:47] But he was the one who 
Liz: [00:15:47] turned his friend in.
I know he says like, I didn't even hesitate in calling the police. Uh it's just, isn't that a crazy story? Yes. 
Emily: [00:15:57] But I really want to know more about the friend that was texting him. Almost egging 
Liz: [00:16:01] him on. I know maybe I should try and find that on my favorite place. Read it. Well, 
Emily: [00:16:08] we just had Chipotle I ordered and it just got delivered.
So we will take a break. 
Liz: [00:16:14] Cheers. Cheers.
Emily: [00:16:24] So I chose this story today because actually two sisters reached out to us on our Instagram and they hated Carla home mocha. So dicey say her last name, right? I think so. So they gave us their opinions on Carla and her husband and like the vicious AXA. They committed in Canada. And then these girls both gave this recommendation.
So I don't want to say names because I don't know if we're supposed to, but you guys know who you are. This one's for you. 
Liz: [00:16:54] Woo. We love recommendations. So 
Emily: [00:16:56] my sources include the Canadian research Wikipedia, and also the Canadian podcast. This is the story of David Russell Williams.
He was born in brooms Grove, England, March 7th, 1963 to Christine and Cedric David Williams. They immigrated to Canada. And then after this relocation, the Williams family met another family known as the soap soap, because sofas. So you have David Russell Williams, his two parents, and now the Soviet parents.
So something happened where. The Williams actually got divorced. And so did the sofa because, and they switched partners. 
Liz: [00:17:48] That is bizarre. 
Emily: [00:17:50] So two married couples become friends, fall in love with each other. So now David Russell Williams, his mother is married to the husband and the soap because, and now brussel has a new father.
As of now that might be a weird situation, but I'm not calling tabs. 
Liz: [00:18:07] Nothing I've ever seen, but you know, it could be, it could happen. And 
Emily: [00:18:10] by all accounts, he lived a very normal life. He was wealthy. He went to the best schools and he eventually went to college and studied economics and political science at the university of Toronto Scarborough, U T S C.
He was known to be kind of a loner. But he still had friends. He wasn't like a huge freak or anything. He was quiet. He had friends, uh, they did kind of make fun of him because they said he was a huge, neat freak. And they would call him Sarge because his roommates, he essentially would assign a chore wheel.
And in their apartment, when he was living on campus, he would assign different people, different tasks. One thing to note that his friends always said was he never spoke about his family when he was in college. His mother, as we know, went through her first divorce and married her family friend. Well, she ended up getting a divorce from him too.
So that's something that really bothered Williams. His mom going through two divorces so much so that when he was in college, it was holiday. As he would never go home to his parents, he would always stay on campus. Also, another thing that his friends dude recall was that he loved playing pranks on them.
He would often he learned how to pick locks and he would go into his friend's rooms when they were unsuspecting. And he would wait for them either in a closet or under their bed for hours. Just so when they walked in the pop out, 
Liz: [00:19:33] that is the creepiest thing ever and tabs. 
Emily: [00:19:36] I, yeah, I mean, I'm not calling like serial killer tabs, but it is weird.
Liz: [00:19:41] I would not be friends with someone who did that. I did that to my friend ones. Oh my God. 
Emily: [00:19:46] You're crazy, but, okay. So, but I do think it's weird that he learned to pick people's locks. Like that's an invasion of privacy, 100%. Now, one last crazy thing to know during his time at UTFC. Do you want to take a guest on who was also a student during the, this time?
Liz: [00:20:03] I have literally no idea. 
Emily: [00:20:05] Paul Bernardo. Oh, these two men overlapped. And for those who don't remember, Paul was a serial killer with his wife, Carla hall mocha. And the two were referred to as the Ken and Barbie killers, go back a few episodes and listen, Liz covered them. So I don't think these two men knew each other Williams and Paul, but the fact that they overlapped and Paul was just a year younger is just what is going on at the school.
Liz: [00:20:33] things in the water, some things in the water. 
Emily: [00:20:37] Now, also during his time at college Williams met a female Japanese student and they soon developed into a serious relationship. According to the book, evil in plain sight by David Gib Williams was submitted with his new love interest. And his friends say that he was a very calm, collected guy.
And we discussed this a loner that he was obsessed with her. He would do anything. She said by all means they had a, what seemed like a great relationship. Until five years later, she ended it and he was devastated by the breakup, but he refused to talk about it with any of his friends. So no one truly knows why they ended, but now that he graduated from college and he was single, he announced to his friends that he wanted to get into the military, which was very odd since he graduated with a degree in economics and politics.
Liz: [00:21:29] Yeah. I was just going to say that he just went through four years of college, but 
Emily: [00:21:33] one of his friends. Told CBC news that he thinks that Williams try to live out a top gun fantasy. So, you know, he becomes a pilot and he gets the girl back. His friend literally thinks that's why he did it because he wanted to get his ex-girlfriend back.
Liz: [00:21:50] you can just throw on some aviators and she'll come crawling back. I know 
Emily: [00:21:54] that's literally not how it happens. However, despite how crazy his thought process is, it kind of worked out for him. Because after college, he became a decorated air force pilot. Now fast forward a few years, I said he graduated in 1986.
So now it's 1991 and he meets Mary Elizabeth. Hariman the two hit it off instantly and they get married and they seem like a perfect couple. They would go for long walks around town, holding hands, and they love to golf together. And they decided not to have children. They said the world was too messed up.
They didn't want to bring kids in it. So it was just the two of them. But everyone around town thought they were just the golden couple. They moved to Orleans, which is a suburb of Ottawa in July, 2006, a few years into their marriage. And this is when things I got a bit weird. 
Liz: [00:22:48] I was just about to say, I'm sensing a dark 
Emily: [00:22:50] turn.
So I mentioned that he was a successful pilot. So him and his wife lived in town, but he got a promotion as the commander at the Canadian forces base, the CFB, which was in Trenton, Ontario, and his wife also had a really promising career. I don't know what it was, I forget, but essentially they both had really great career opportunities ahead of them in different States within Canada.
So they decided to keep their house in Orleans. Then also buy a cottage on cozy Cove lane in the village of Tweed, Ontario, 50 kilometers from Trenton, where he had to work. So the point was, they're going to keep their house. They're also going to buy this cottage closer to where Williams has to work and the two will spend the week apart going to their jobs and then they'll meet and spend the weekends together.
Being away from his wife. He starts to do some weird shit in the fall of 2007. Several properties in Tweed were robbed, including the home William's next door neighbor, another property that was owned by a family, notice a man in their house. And when they approached their home, he quickly ran away and they didn't notice anything missing.
So they didn't report it to the police. However 10 days later, they did notice that 14 pieces of their daughter's clothing was stolen, including nine pairs of her underwear. 
Liz: [00:24:17] She was 11 years old. Oh my God. That's horrifying. 
Emily: [00:24:20] He broke into people's homes constantly. He would often victimize families entering their residences at night or when people were away.
And not only would he steal the children's underwear, he would often take off his own clothes. Put these little girls undergarments on and take pornographic pictures of himself. 
Liz: [00:24:41] Liz's face right now. Oh my God. Hmm. I don't know where I thought this story was going, but it wasn't here. Talk about a neighborhood and creep.
We'll get there. He does earn a nickname. Oh God. 
Emily: [00:24:55] So then beginning in may, 2008, about a year in, he started breaking and entering into homes. In Orleans, the town where his wife's house is. Hmm. So the two places he has residence in, he is breaking and entering and stealing little girl's clothes and 82 documented burglaries.
William stole around 1400 pieces of underwear and laundry. 
Liz: [00:25:21] Holy shit. That is a lot. 
Emily: [00:25:24] It's weird. And I also want to call out another instance in particular to highlight how scary this truly was. So October of 2009, a woman named Anne was getting ready to attend a party for a 48th birthday. Her husband was away.
She was out, she went back to our apartment and her plan was that you would change quickly and then go out to meet her friends for her birthday. But when she went to her bedroom, she saw that all of her drawers were open. And then she realized that someone stole her sex toys. So like her vibrator, God.
She was too embarrassed to go to the police. So she called her neighbor and asked him to come over and to check, to make sure nobody was in the house. So the neighbor came over and he did. And she explained to him what happened. And the two of them decided not to go to the police because she thought one, this is embarrassing.
But two, the police might laugh this off. Like someone stole her vibrator, you know, like they might have like more important things to do, which I don't agree with her. Clearly this 
Liz: [00:26:23] guy sick, but yeah, that's like a huge red flag. If someone's stealing sex toys from people's apartments. Yeah. It's pretty bad.
Like clearly there's a bigger issue going on. 
Emily: [00:26:33] Olivia Benson would be, be there in a heartbeat. So she canceled her plans and she went back to our neighbor's house and she locked all the doors in her home, slept at our neighbors and waited for her husband to come back. When she went into our apartment next day, this time not only was her vibrator stolen.
But every single pair of her undergarments was taken 
Liz: [00:26:57] every single one, 
Emily: [00:26:58] which also she locked all the doors, which means that he 
Liz: [00:27:03] was still inside when they were there. Oh. 
Emily: [00:27:06] And he left a note on her computer, which said, go ahead, phone the police. I want to show the judge. You're really big dildos. 
Liz: [00:27:15] Oh my God.
Emily: [00:27:17] So he was there. And that also means that. When she was having this conversation with her neighbor in her home, he was hiding and listening to them. Multiple families came over and reported instances like this to the police. So the police stationed undercover cops throughout the town, looking for the person responsible who became locally known as the Tweed creeper.
I love it. So while they search for the Tweed creeper in January of 2009, Williams was promoted again to Colonel, which was the highest ranking senior officer in the Canadian army. 
Liz: [00:27:55] Can you imagine going back the end of my story, you really don't know anyone like this guy has a successful career in the army and he's married.
He seems normal, and he is not. 
Emily: [00:28:06] While his behavior is horrific. It's pretty clear that it started escalating and it kind of touched upon this, but he started breaking in and stealing to then leaving evidence at his crimes. Like that note that he left for Anne about her dildos. He also, in another case purposely left semen on top of woman's dresser.
Another time he wrote the words Marcy on someone's computer, like what is the point of that? And. We always say that escalation is scary behavior because it shows that someone won't stop and will only become more violent until they're caught, which is unfortunately exactly what happened. He escalated from breaking and entering to rape and assault.
Two women in Tweed were attacked in September, 2009. So the first one in September 17th, she will call her Jane DOE because her real name was never released to the public. She was a mother and she was home alone with her baby. And she woke up in the middle of the night, the feeling of someone very strong lying on top of her Williams, then struck her in the head three times.
So he's pinning her down. He's trying to calm her down. And finally she does. She just does stop moving. And there's something I think people do with their attacker. Like, you know, when someone's trying to talk to their attacker, like reason with them. Yeah. So she started to do that. She told the intruder that he didn't seem like the type of guy who would do this thing.
And it instantly worked. He, he, all of a sudden went from this animal that was trying to attack her to when she said you don't seem like the type, he became very kind to her. Isn't that weird? So weird. And when I say kind, I mean, he just hit her in the head three times, he went to the bathroom and got her aspirin.
He was very nice to her, but at the same time, he did keep her. Pinned down and blindfolded besides giving her Advil. That's where his compassion essentially ended. He put her on her bed, ripped off her clothes and began taking pictures of her. 
Liz: [00:30:13] You 
Emily: [00:30:13] know, he took naked photos of her for hours and was very strict and precise about how he wanted her to pose.
After this happening for hours. At the end, Williams told her to count to 300 and he left. So Jane called the police, however, they couldn't find any evidence. What they did realize though, was that William stole her little baby's blanket. Oh no. Now the second assault was on Lori and mascot, who was attacked on September 30th.
Like the previous victim, she was sleeping. She was a mother of a few children. And she said she was just so exhausted from a whole day of working and then putting the kids to sleep, that she fell asleep on the couch. She woke up and she was really disoriented and she couldn't see anything. And she instantly thought, Oh my God, there's a fire.
But after panicking and trying to get up and failing, she realized that somebody actually had a blanket over her head and was trying to smother her. He then punched her in the head, blindfolded her and bound her hands behind her back was zip ties. He then forced her to sit on the couch where he tore off her clothes with a knife, and also forced her to pose naked for photos.
Laurie asked him why he was doing this and responded so I can get on with my life. What, when he finally left, she was so in shock that she waited half hour before calling the police, they, again, investigated, but they had no leads. He didn't leave any evidence. When the police explained to Lori that this was actually the second attack on a woman this month.
And they think this is related to a string of break-ins. She was outraged because if you think about it, there were at this point 58 break-ins and an attack on a woman and the police think that it's all connected and they didn't tell the residents yet. They didn't make an announcement. That is crazy.
After both these attacks, the police started going around door to door in town, just asking people if they know anything, if they see anything suspicious and also at the same time, looking for a possible suspect. When they were going door to door, Larry Jones, who was Williams' neighbor recalls that two weeks after the tack, the police came to speak to him and he didn't have that much information.
So the police left and Larry Jones saw the police go up to the Williams house and they were knocking and nobody answered. So Larry went over to the police and he said, Oh, my neighbors out of town, you can probably catch him. He'll be back next week. And the police looked at the mailbox and they said, Oh, that can't be, is that the highest ranking, you know, commander in the army and the neighbor said, Oh yeah, no, that is him.
And the police said, well, then I guess we don't have to look at him. Oh my God. 
Liz: [00:33:14] And they never went back. Oh my God, that makes me so angry. Now you're going to be so mad at me. Oh God. I 
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So I also ran out of time. 
Liz: [00:33:46] The truth comes out. No, I'm kidding. I'm excited for part two. So tune in next week for part two. Yeah, pretty sick. Yay. But this is horrifying story and it only gets worse from here. Wonderful. 
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